Eva Meštrović

Eva Meštrovć was born in Zadar in 1994.
After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Split in 2014, she was preparing for college at the Art Workshop under the guidance of academic painter Vesna Marinković Stanković.
In 2020 she graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, in the class of prof.art. Siniša Majkus.

Eva Meštrović has held two solo exhibitions so far – “Whisper of the Soul” in Split and “Veil of the Soul” in Vranje.

She has participated in more than 10 group exhibitions, among which are:
– APURI / ALU, “Pikto” gallery (Zagreb)
– Biennial of Painting, Vranje (Serbia) 2018 and 2020.
– “Pay and carry”, Meštrović pavilion (Zagreb)

In 2015 Eva Meštrović wrote a review for Goran Stanković’s exhibition “Paintings and Drawings”, in 2018 she opens the exhibition of the Final Cycle of the “Magic World” called “Love” by Vesna Marinković Stanković dip.mag.art. and in 2021 she wrote a review for Ljubinka Bubi Tasić’s exhibition “Cosmos”.

In 2015 Eva Meštrović published a book of poetry “Traces in Infinity” and in the same year she participated in the International Literary Colony.
In 2017 she won 3rd place at the literary evening “Rijeka Perspectives” (Rijeka).